How To Play Electronic Drum Pad

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Want To Play Electronic Drum Pad? This Is All You Need To Know.

Drumming has become a unique and exciting profession that most folks are now considering becoming part of. Most people will often say, music is all they need, in times of their low and high moments. While you might be asking yourself endless questions, especially when you get into the festivals to witness your favorite heroes at the center stage performing and lost in the music how they play the drums, be sure that it all began from somewhere.

Electronic drums have multiple options compared to traditional ones. Such options include tutorials which makes it easier to learn the techniques. Therefore, if you aspire to know how to play electronic drum pads, this article has you covered.

How To Play Electronic Drum Pad
How To Play Electronic Drum Pad

How Easy Is It To Learn The Drums?

You have the will, the motive, and the intention of knowing how to play electronic drum pad. However, before learning how to play, you become nervous, anxious, and maybe doubtful because you have never been part of the game, how would you maneuver? Don’t worry, it is normal to ask yourself a couple of questions.

While some might have the abilities and talents that they are yet to understand, most drummers will tell you that everything involves resilience, hard work, persistence, and discipline. You must be willing to learn the basics and keep practicing them every day.

If you are not in a position to access a coach, there are millions of online video lessons on how to play electronic drum pads, including software that will speed your learning process. It is, however, essential to start with the basics, otherwise known as rudiments. With basics at your fingertips, it will become easy to answer a million questions you had before subscribing to the game.

How to Play Electronic Drums

Once you realize that it is never challenging to learn how to play an electronic drum pad, you are already a big step towards understanding the game. While the first few months may seem challenging, if you have the determination and keep practicing each day, becoming a perfect drummer shall be inevitable. Before you learn how to play electronic drums, it is only vital if you consider the following tips. Let’s have a taste of these strategies!


Before you commence playing the drum, it is fundamental to familiarize yourself with it because there are multiple types of kits rated as the best drum electronic sets. Well, most of them are good, and whatever kit appeals to you, ensure to take time to know it well. It is equally significant, to begin with, kits that are easy to understand. As you continue, it would be easier to upgrade without difficulties.

Understand all the Basics

You need to invest your time to get better each day of your practice. Gather all the essential and compulsory essentials for a drummer to kick off. As a result, the electronic drum you choose will significantly impact your first days.

While some come as a complete package, others may lack specific accessories that could hinder your practice. Drum sticks are a must-have tool that every drummer must never lack, so ensure to have them. Most drummers would say, “Use the nylon-tipped sticks” because they have a good impact regarding the sound on an electronic kit.

Equally, drum pads are another major utilities that must be available. Since pads come with different features, some have an already incorporated metronome which is vital for reducing the drum sound. In relation to the drum sticks, if the pads you are using come with mesh heads, then it is crucial to use nylon-tipped sticks instead of those fitted with wooden tips to reduce the chances of damaging the mesh.

Explore various ways on how to understand the module

There are several ways to learn the module. Take time to see what other drummers are doing instead of only settling for the sounds you hear. It would be helpful to peruse multiple videos online to understand what is best for you rather than rushing.

Understand your ambulation

While everyone would enjoy playing the drum their way, it is also significant to train yourself on the differences between playing an electronic kit and playing an acoustic kit. Since different teachers taught every individual, some spend the most time on pads or acoustic kits.

You must be ready not to confuse the two while playing. For instance, when increasing the sound on the cymbal or one drum on the pads, you only need to increase the volume. On the other hand, your headphones will guide you on the kind of volume you need while playing on the acoustic kit. To understand this aspect, you must be willing to practice on both kits to avoid confusion.

Observe the unique feel of the electronic kit

Once you have the opportunity to play on both electronic drum pad and acoustic drum, you will therefore differentiate between the two when using either of them. While most pads will not feel any different from one to another, one acoustic drum won’t have the same touch from the other.

Also, being better while playing on one electronic kit doesn’t mean you will do as much when given a different kit. Therefore, it would help to keep practicing on both electronic kits to enhance your expertise.

Alesis PerformancePad
Alesis PerformancePad

Be aware of the rhythms

Before proceeding to complex rhythms, it is significant to acquaint yourself with the primary and simple rhythms. In doing so, you will be able to play the electronic drum without confusion. Take all the baby steps with the seriousness they come with.

There are two options to help one understand how rhythms work. You can either click track or use a metronome to do practices. After understanding the simple rhythms, it would be best to consider moving to the complex rhythms.

Most modern electronic drum sets can mix complex rhythms through drum machines. They will help perfect and build rhythm arrangements as you continue learning and exploring the complex ones.

Equally, it is noteworthy to note that drum machines come with a MIDI support system that helps the drummer explore more rhythms while using the electronic kit.

Learning on Acoustic Drums and Learning on Electronic Drums

The thumb’s rule states, for one to be perfect, they should keep learning and practicing every day. Regardless of how you define it, drumming is drumming, and learning the patterns and strategies that acoustic or electronic drums offer must always be a priority. Therefore, whatever you settle on, there are advantages and disadvantages that each offers.

Learning on Acoustic Drums

There exist different sounds on each acoustic kit. While in drumming, varying musical styles need distinct tones, cymbals, and drums, drummers with expertise have the advantage of multiple cymbals and drums with different sounds that they can integrate with.

Acoustic drums are usually loud. Even though they come with noise-damping pads to control and reduce the volume, it is still a challenge because most drummers still have issues, thus appealing.
An acoustic kit comes in a bigger size compared to an electronic kit. Therefore for the newbies, coming from electronic kit to acoustic can be complex due to the varying sizes. Thus, the learners need to practice how to tune, set up, and play on the acoustic kits to cope with the dynamics.

When you understand drumming, it is good to appreciate that playing acoustic drums is more interesting due to the human feel that an electronic kit cannot emulate.

Learning on Electronic Drums

Electronic drum kits are compact and smaller hence more reliable for playing at home. Some kits are portable. However, if you are used to playing on the electronic kit, playing on an acoustic drum can be difficult due to its enormous size.

Electronic kits are calm and quiet, giving drummers another advantage of playing them at home compared to acoustic drums. Electronic kits come with the feature of interchanging sounds, thus, it is easy for newbies to learn using an electronic kit. Electronic kits come with tools to help a drummer improve. It is essential to practice with a metronome to heighten timing frequently.

Alesis CompactKit7
Alesis CompactKit7

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take drum lessons?

Depending on how you choose it, this should not be a limitation. While some drummers with talents succeed without attending a single lesson, others, especially the world’s best drummers, have undergone a series of drum lessons plus hard work to earn their status.

Several materials can help you learn, including online tutorials, books, and CDs. However, most successful drummers take physical lessons that involve one-on-one interactions with their drum teachers and various tests in the form of examinations subject to grading. The choice is, therefore yours.

What do I need to get started?

Many drum tutors emphasize that newcomers only need a pair of drumsticks and a practice pad to learn how to play the drums. This is true since the first excitement will help you strengthen your weaker right or left hand. However, for those who want it badly, the process may be tiresome, and therefore, for you to enjoy how to play electronic drums, you need the following essential tools:
A set of headphones
An acoustic or an electronic drum set
A computer for those willing to take online classes
A pair of drum sticks.

How long does it take to learn the drums?

Learning how to play drums has no definite time because once you begin playing, the learning process equally begins. Even the experts will tell you that they still learn every day. However, to understand how to play a few drums, you need to practice constantly. There is no shortcut beyond practicing.


Drumming is a great and enjoyable activity for all those yearning to know how to play. Whether you choose an electronic kit or acoustic, be sure to experience fun and joy. However, to be a great drummer, it is essential to learn and practice both electronic and acoustic drum kits. From playing the drums, you are sure to find many benefits, including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and burning calories.


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